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Island has made significant impact

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Island has made significant impact

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Island has made significant impact Thu, 07/15/2021 – 5:31am Historian and UWI Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles has contended that Barbados, like many small ecosystems, had made a significant impact across the world.

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Beckles, while speaking during the launch and signing of his book, King Cuffee’s Kingdom, First Barbados Freedom Plan: 1675 Anti-Slavery Strategy, referenced Japan and England as the industrial revolutionaries of their respective continents, Europe and Asia. He further pointed out that Barbados was the freedom center of black America.

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“We are the freedom center of black America, that is who we are and we do not make a big deal of it, but we should. This is where chattel slavery started as a business, here. This is where freedom started as a philosophy, here. The two things go together. Yes, they started slavery here, we started freedom, here. We have every reason to say that we are the freedom center of the hemisphere. We are among the freest people in the world and we have one final thing to do. We have one final constitutional adjustment,” contended the historian.

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The Vice-Chancellor explained that Barbados had the largest black population of any British colony at that time, including those from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, right to the Carolinas, Virginia, all the way down to the old British colonies


Barbados had the largest black population of all of them, all of them. And therefore, Barbados was seen not only as the most populous colony with the majority of Africans, but there was a consciousness of liberation here, that was absolutely the terror of the English, everywhere,” noted the author


The book describes in detail not just the strategy of rebellion to place Cuffee as King and the reason it failed, but also the subsequent rebellions where it was described as a more widespread uprising

“In the book, I describe the comparative detail of the leadership, the planning strategies to objectives, the leaders of various groups, how many veterans had organised themselves into regiments, they had fifteen regiments, each with a leader under regiments and were talking to each other across the parishes. All of that is described in detail from the information we have because of the summaries of the court martial trials,” said Beckles


The launch was held at the St Peter Parish Church with Minister of Labour and Social Partnership Relations, Colin Jordan, officials from the St. Peter Parish Organising Committee and the Parish Independence Committee, Barbados Ambassador to CARICOM David Comissiong, Dr The Most Hon Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter, Cultural Ambassador of Barbados and many others. (AS)