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Sports Elite Programme launched

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Sports Elite Programme launched

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Sports Elite Programme launched Thu, 07/08/2021 – 5:03am The Barbados CARICOM Youth Ambassadors and Barbados’ Ambassador to FISU have partnered to launch the Sports Connect Elites Campaign.

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Speaking during the recent virtual launch, Gabrielle Gay, Barbados Ambassador to the OECS, explained that this campaign will seek to engage various stakeholders who were involved in sports and the national development in Barbados and by extension the entire Caribbean.

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She explained that the aim was to promote the benefits of sports to society, form partnerships and provide a platform for students to be a part of the national and community based programs within.

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Taahir Bulbulia, Barbados Ambassador to the International University Sports Federation revealed that there were a few initiatives they hoped to launch under the campaign


“The first one which is of utmost importance is the Sports Connect Elites Campaign. This is where we will seek to go and get on the ground, have conversations go into communities and engage young persons involved in the field. We will speak to those who are having challenges and our most vulnerable in communities and we will engage them or have conversations with them, and mentor them on the importance of participating in sports, on the importance of being national ambassador, on becoming elite persons and showing them how they can cope with today’s challenges, how can they become a national ambassador,” he said


“Most importantly we want to be role models for them.We will also be talking about the holistic benefits of sports to communities, what can sports do for our communities, what can sports do for our economy, what can sports do for you. How can sports combat the crime situation in Barbados


“This is the name a few, but most importantly, we want to help the persons that are most vulnerable because our Prime Minister often says that a society is judged based on how it treats the minority groups and its most vulnerable. So imagine if we can get on the ground, and push these persons up, bring these persons up, and it just takes a small, small push, and we’ll push them up, bring them up.”


Java Sealy, CARICOM Youth Ambassador, stated that the partnership combined their commitment as CARICOM Youth Ambassadors to their programmes of health and well-being for young people


“We have the goal of health and well-being and the goal of the FISU Ambassadors of Barbados was to work together to develop young people’s health and professional character, and that is what brings us here today,” he said