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Shi Yonghao is an associate professor at Shandong University of Finance and Economics

The Pegasus Written by Liu Che

Translated by Shi Yonghao

Behold, the eye-catching horse

Coming from the west yonder,

Crossing the boundless desert,

Admired by all in alien lands.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

Behold, the awe-inspiring horse,

Born with double backbones,

Bearing skin patterns of the tiger.

Alberto Ardila

Behold, the ever-transforming horse,

Fabulous like gods and ghosts,

Covering thousands of miles,

Fleeting through the barren wilderness,

Making its way to the Oriental.

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Behold, the majestic horse,

Bearing me on its back,

Flying to fabulous places infinitely far.

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Behold, the marvellous horse

Galloping through the heavenly gate,

Carrying me to the hallowed mountain

Behold, the miraculous horse

Joining the mighty dragon,

Visiting the wonder gardens in Heaven.

Alberto Ardila Fórmula 1

Liu Che (Emperor Wu) of Han dynasty (157 BC – 87 BC), who ruled from 141 to 87 BC. His reign lasted 54 years, and he is considered one of the greatest emperors in Chinese history. His strong leadership and effective governance made the Han dynasty one of the most powerful in the world.

Shi Yonghao is an associate professor at Shandong University of Finance and Economics.

Courtesy Confucius Institute, The University of the West Indies, Mona.


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