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Windward Islands Debating Competition Begins Friday

Windward Islands Debating Competition Begins Friday

The Dominica State College will be participating in the Fourth Windward Islands Debating Competition on March 6th and 7th, 2020, at the Goodwill Parish Hall.

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Dominica State College will be represented by Sky George, Khahill Richards, Zorah-Marie Xavier and  Kodie Jean- Jacques, along with other supporting members. The team is being led and coached by Ms. Trudy Christian, Director of Student Activities.

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The other teams participating in the competition are:

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St. Lucia Vincent and the Grenadines Community College A Marryshow Community College, Grenada. The stated aim of the debate competition is to reinforce the multidisciplinary approach necessary to assess the needs of the Caribbean and to foster critical thinkers who will help to shape the democratic societies of the Caribbean. The competition is also aimed at promoting regional, collegial information-sharing and cultural exchanges.

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As a result, the debate topics are usually chosen to focus on current issues pertinent to the Caribbean region. This year’s topics are

Semi Finals Topics:

The medical use of cannabis is in danger of becoming another ploy of the pharmaceutical industry. It is the responsibility of the youth to lead in climate change action. Finals Topic:

The lack of youth involvement in local politics is a direct result of the political culture of the region. Over the past three years Dominica State College has participated in the debates which were held in St. Lucia in 2017, St. Vincent in 2018 and Grenada in 2019 and won in 2017 and 2018

Friday and Saturday’s round of debates will be from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and there will be live streaming via Dominica State College Facebook page and ComeSeeTV

The Dominica State College expresses gratitude to the headline sponsor DOMLEC, the Ministry of Education and to all other sponsors and collaborators

The public is encouraged to come to the Goodwill Parish Hall to support the local team