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Rosalie Bay Resort officially reopens after Hurricane Maria

Aerial view of the resort

After being closed for over two years following its destruction by Hurricane Maria, the Rosalie Bay Eco Resort and Spa is now reopened for business.

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The 28-room Eco-enterprise was officially reopened on Saturday.

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General Manager of Rosalie Bay, Avril Copiel said at the resort’s opening ceremony that fifty-two persons have been permanently employed at the spa

“In December and January, we did our staff hiring process and currently we have fifty-two permanent persons on staff in various departments of front desk, food and beverage, vents, spa, housekeeping, maintenance, land landscaping and administration,” she said

She said there are also several casual workers seeking to bring the landscaping back to its original state

Copiel said the vast majority of their staff resides in the surrounding villages such as of Grand Fond, Morne Jaune and La Plaine

“We were very happy to welcome back several persons who were previously employed at the property …all our staff comes with motivation to get the resort back into efficient operation and to provide a high level of customer service,” Coipel said

She further stated that the resort will focus on continuous training and guidance to ensure that they deliver the quality and consistency of service

Meantime, Tourism Minister Denise Charles reminded Dominicans to embrace all resorts around the island by protecting the environment

“We have to practice proper garbage disposal, we cannot have derelict vehicles surrounding our resorts and on the way to the resorts, people are seeing  improper disposal of garbage all around,” she noted

Charles added that Dominicans need to ensure that the country remains one of the safest places to visit so it is important that the persons, especially those who reside in the Morne Jaune constituency protect this resort

In 2016, editors of the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler named Rosalie Bay one of their Favorite Hotels in the World

Rosalie Bay was also recognized as one of only nine properties in the world on the magazine’s Far-Flung Hotels & Resorts Worth the Trip: Gold List 2016