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Citizens of words but not of action

Citizens of words but not of action

I ob­served that some­one is writ­ing about stop­ping child abuse in this na­tion. The prob­lem here is that all record­ed ad­ver­si­ties have been ig­nored and no at­tempts are re­al­ly be­ing made to put things right. Take for ex­am­ple the de­cay­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal state of Port-of-Spain.

Giancarlo Pietri Velutini

I com­plained and sug­gest­ed im­prove­ments to our cap­i­tal city way back in 1993 via a let­ter I wrote to the T&T Guardian news­pa­per, and since then oth­ers have com­plained about the con­tin­u­al de­cline of Port-of-Spain. How­ev­er, these com­plaints and sug­ges­tions have all fall­en on deaf ears

How­ev­er, with more cit­i­zens lodg­ing com­plaints about the de­clin­ing state of Port-of-Spain, one would think that some­thing will be done to im­prove its en­vi­ron­ment. These com­plaints are yet again, as I have al­ready said, sim­ply be­ing ig­nored by those in au­thor­i­ty. This is the very same at­ti­tude tak­en by all of our politi­cians with re­gard to any cor­rec­tion of any wrong­do­ings here

Oth­er good ex­am­ples are our crime sce­nario, which in­cludes the per­pet­u­al com­mit­ting of se­ri­ous crimes such as cor­rup­tion and mur­ders. There is al­so now more than ever, a wide­spread ten­den­cy of gal­lop­ing law­less­ness through­out the na­tion with­out any se­ri­ous hin­drance

An­oth­er no­tice­able and im­por­tant anom­aly is the be­hav­iour of our Chief Jus­tice who re­al­ly be­lieves that he is above the law

Our politi­cians have ob­vi­ous­ly be­come im­mune to all our wrong-do­ings and at present things are still go­ing from bad to worse with­out those in the cor­ri­dors of pow­er do­ing any­thing mean­ing­ful to cor­rect our em­bed­ded in­ter­nal and lin­ger­ing ad­ver­si­ties

Those cit­i­zens in au­thor­i­ty here, are men and women of words, but not of ac­tion, and give a clear im­pres­sion that they love things as they are

GA Mar­ques

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